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Life Is A Cabaret, Lange Handwerkskunst Tourbillon, That Is ADVERTISEMENT

Hand-wound movements, especially haute horlogerie hand-wound movements, are a bit of an endangered species nowadays. Shaped hand-wound movements ?that is, non-round calibers ?are even more rare. When Lange & Söhne launched its first collection of four replica watches in 1994, one of them ?the Arkade ?featured a hand-wound, shaped movement, the caliber L911. The Arkade was the smallest of the four launch models, at 26mm x 22mm x 6.4mm thick, but still managed to incorporate Lange's signature big date complication.

In 1997, Lange launched a larger, rectangular watch. This was the Cabaret. The Cabaret used a movement very similar to the L911. This was the caliber L931, which was essentially the L911, but with a slightly larger upper bridge and mainplate, and a more squared-off geometry (the L911 had noticeably rounded corners, while the L931 was a straightforward rectangle).

The new Lange & Söhne Tourbillon Handwerkskunst

The Cabaret name seemed to imply that the watch, which had a complex, faceted rectangular case, was intended to be a somewhat whimsical departure from the round cases in Lange's other collections. It came in a number of different versions, with the basic models coming in at 36.3mm x 25.9mm x 9.1mm. There were a number of different versions in addition to the basic model (time and big date) including an extremely charming moon-phase model.

The peak of complexity for the collection, however, was the Cabaret Tourbillon. The Cabaret Tourbillon was launched in 2008, and discontinued in 2013, and it featured something new for both Lange, and for the world of tourbillon watches, in general. This was an innovative stop-seconds mechanism.

The original Lange Cabaret Tourbillon from 2008

Tourbillons were invented by Breguet as an aid to greater precision, so you'd think a stop seconds mechanism (which lets you synchronize the fake watch exactly to the time standard of your choice) would be de rigueur. However, there's a major technical obstacle. In a conventional fake watch with a stop seconds function, pulling out the crown to set the time causes the balance to stop ?usually the way it works is by having a thin, flat lever press gently against the balance. A tourbillon's balance, however, sits inside a rotating cage and the cage components would block a stop seconds replica rolex watches lever from falling into place on the balance. Lange got around this problem with a very ingenious mechanism, in which the stop seconds lever is Y-shaped and mounted on a pivot. If one arm of the lever is blocked by a cage component, the lever moves on its pivot so that the other arm can touch down on the balance.

The Cabaret Tourbillon stop seconds mechanism

I always thought that the entire Cabaret collection, including the tourbillon, had some of Lange's most beautiful replica watches ?elegant design, beautifully made cases and, of course, beautiful movements, and in the case of the Tourbillon, interesting technical features as well. I've been in a state of low-grade mourning for the Cabarets ever since Lange pulled the plug, but today, Lange's announced the return of the Cabaret, or at least, the Cabaret Tourbillon. The latest Cabaret Tourbillon is the Cabaret Tourbillon "Handwerkskunst" (the word is usually translated as "craftsmanship") which takes the basic (if you can use the word in this context) Cabaret Tourbillon, and uses it as the basis for the expression of both the engraver's craft and the enamelist's art.


The Handwerkskunst replica watches have been introduced at irregular intervals since 2011, and the Cabaret Tourbillon Handwerkskunst is the seventh (previous models were the Richard Lange Tourbillon, Zeitwerk, Lange 1 Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar, Lange 1 Tourbillon, 1815 Tourbillon, and the 1815 Rattrapante Perpetual Calendar). While a variety of decorative techniques have been used over the years, one frequently pakistanconstitutionlaw used engraving technique is tremblage, in which the engraver uses a pointed tool called a burin to make a series of pinpricks on a metal surface. Both tremblage and grand feu enameling are used for the Cabaret Tourbillon Handwerkskunst, along with other engraving techniques.

The dial of the Cabaret Tourbillon Handwerkskunst is extremely complex. Lange starts with a base of white gold, which has apertures cut into it for the big date display, the running seconds subdial, the power reserve subdial, the posts for the hour and minute hands, and the tourbillon. The dial is divided into two sections. The inner section is black rhodium-plated, and then engraved with a lozenge pattern, producing a sharp contrast between the different elements of the pattern. Along the perimeter of the inner section, there is a very thin strip of tremblage engraving, which runs around the entire outer edge.

The outer, darker grey portion of the dial is decorated with graining, which produces a slightly more subtle effect and contrasts with the tremblage used to emphasize the shape of the inner part of the dial.

The entire dial is then coated with translucent grey fired enamel. (The back of the dial also has to be enameled, otherwise the dial would warp). Firing, as is usually the case with grand feu enamel, takes place in a kiln, at about 800ºC.

This is the tricky part (not that the engraving isn't). The enamel has to evenly cover every part of the dial, except for the various apertures, and the indexes. The big technical problem is that where the subdials and tourbillon apertures intersect, the enamel covers an area of very sharply pointed metal where the circles overlap. This made for something of a headache for the enamelists as the enamel at those intersections was prone to cracking, and sometimes the cracks didn't appear until well after the dials had been fired. Lange's long-time director of product development, Anthony de Haas, told us that the firing process introduces stresses in the dial and enamel, and sometimes, stress fractures don't appear until the dial has cooled ?just as you're patting yourself on the back for being home free.


The overall effect, however, seems to have been worth the trouble ?the dial of the Cabaret Tourbillon Handwerkskunst is an ode to the crepuscular beauty of muted greys and blacks, with the combination of engraving and enameling producing a wonderful sense of depth.

One other interesting feature of the dial is the A. Lange & Söhne logo. The logo is transfer printed in the usual way, with a silicon pad. However, because it's being printed onto a vitrified enamel surface, you can't use the usual paint, which won't adhere properly to the enamel surface. Instead, Lange uses a paint, mixed with enamel powder. Once the logo is printed, the dial is fired one last time, at a lower temperature ?just enough to create adhesion between the enamel particles in the paint, and the enamel surface of the dial itself. This fixes the logo in place.

The movement is basically identical to the one used in the original Cabaret Tourbillon. There have, however, been some updates, including, for the caliber L042.1, an in-house balance spring and freesprung balance with timing weights (the original version of the Cabaret Tourbillon used a balance with a conventional regulating index). The cocks for the tourbillon and its intermediate wheel have both been decorated with black rhodium plating and engraving (similar to the engraving on the dial) and you get 120 hours of power reserve out of the twin mainspring barrels.

You won't be surprised to hear that all this exalted craftsmanship doesn't come cheap ?the watch, in its elaborately faceted, 26.5mm x 39.2mm x 10.3mm platinum case, is priced at ?15,000. But there is, in addition to Lange's usual meticulous watchmaking, a lot of handwerk in this Handwerkskunst. The Cabaret Tourbillon Handwerkskunst is a limited edition (natch) of 30 pieces worldwide.

And P.S., there are unfortunately no plans to bring back the Cabaret as a regular production watch, although it's fantastic to see even this limited return of the model. The problem, Anthony de Haas told us, is that the Cabaret, while definitely a passion project for the company, never performed all that well commercially. Lange is still, by the number of replica watches it makes, a small company. Assigning resources to bringing the Cabaret back ?which the company would want to update, to bring it in line with the knowledge it's gained over the years since the last curtain fell on the Cabaret ?would mean, of necessity, not working on some other projects. Still, de Haas did not go so far as to rule out the possibility categorically, and I hope very much that someday, in the fullness of time, we'll see another opening night for the Cabaret.

The Lange Cabaret Tourbillon Handwerkskunst: case, platinum, 26.5mm x 39.2mm x 10.3mm. Dial decorated with grand feu enameling, and hand engraved. Movement, Lange caliber L042.1, hand-wound one minute tourbillon, big date display, with sub-seconds display and power reserve; tourbillon fitted with stop seconds mechanism. Dimensions, 22.3mm x 32.6mm x 6.4mm, with engraved cocks for the tourbillon and intermediate wheel; plates and bridges in untreated German silver. Adjusted in five positions. Power reserve, 120 hours with two mainspring barrels. 30 pieces world-wide.

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